ChelSierra Remly

Seeking The Illusive Muse Within The Abyss Between My Ears


I'm a writer. I write for whatever age group my characters fit into. My main love is horror, but basically I just love a good read. My writing reflects this and so I write whatever genre my stories want to be. I have written quite a few children's picture books, but none have been published as of this typing.

If you're a writer looking for a workshop, or a reader who'd like to help out writers by giving constructive feedback, check out Francis Ford Coppola's: Zoetrope Virtual Studio. There is a list of other workshops posted here: Writer Workshops.

Also check out: The Cherry Ning and Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Chat Board. I'll add others I come across here: Forums / Communities.

I have some info on writer's block listed here: Sample Info From The Illusive Muse

Through Xena: Warrior Princess, I found my way to Oxygen's Xena Board, and when it shut down we O2ers moved to Kym Taborn's Whoosh.org - Whoosh! Forum, where I ended up as an Admin. Later on I started my own forum to get a workshop going: The Illusive Muse.

I go by Joxcenia, Mini-Mia, Henrietta "India Ana" Jones, Heddy Hopper, & ChelSierra or ChelSierra Remly.

dreaming, plotting . . ., reading, writing